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Chalkboard Drawings

At ICS, every member of the community is motivated by a love of lifelong learning. Few places excite us or bring us as much joy as the classroom, and few places challenge us as much as well. Take a moment to learn more about the heart of an ICS education.

For younger learners...

We focus on cultivating learners and leaders. At ICS, we recognize that young learners need emotional and social support to grow. In addition to the standards laid out in the subject guides, students are taught to be good "citizens" and show kindness and compassion. 

Many of the activities emphasize hands-on exploration, problem-solving skills, and the presentation and celebration of student work. The pedagogical goal is to prepare students for the rigors of later learning.

Science Class
For older learners...

With over thirty advanced electives and higher-level options to choose from, we have an expansive catalog. Our courses are designed to be interdisciplinary, and students will often discover a surprising amount of cross-communication and connectivity between subjects at every level. Our curriculum focuses on research skills, analysis, evidence-based reasoning, and divergent thinking to tackle problems across every domain. Students are encouraged to seek to develop a concentration in more depth and have the opportunity to pursue a subject from foundation to superstructure.

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