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About Us


From the moment we first opened our doors, we knew we were embarking on a special journey to fulfill dreams and guide students towards autonomy, self-confidence, and a lifelong love of learning and respect for others. The students who joined our community were hyper-curious, excited by ideas, and highly motivated. Future classes continued to develop that trend, and we have been blessed with a community of learners and educators that are deeply passionate in all their efforts.

Our educational mission is to expand access to accelerated learning options for those who seek a challenge, prepare students for each stage in their education, raise new conversations within our community, and grow independent, happy, and non-anxious minds that inspire others and provoke empathy. Our core values – Intellectualism, Compassion, and Self-reliance – are at the heart of this mission.

Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate, in every possible manner, the dreams and aspirations of everyone that passes through our doors so that they might someday open doors for others.

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